How to Help Needy Children in DeLand, FL

iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It is a local charity seeking donations for needy children in DeLand, FL. Unfortunately, there are millions of needy children and orphans around the world living in impoverished or sub-standard living conditions that need our help.

iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It was founded by Dr. Joseph Christiano, N. D. C.N.C. CNHP after seeing the positive results that an afterschool health and fitness program he developed had on a child’s life. When a child living in sub-standard conditions is given the basic necessities for a chance at a better life it can be a transformative experience. And through his foundation, Dr. Christiano has been able to expand this successful program to provide the basic necessities like a pair of shoes, health care and nutritional meals to thousands of needy children in DeLand, DeBary, Deltona, Orange City and around the globe.

Most people take things for granted. But needy children living in impoverished conditions face challenges that seem insurmountable. It is mentally degrading not to even have your own clean clothes, or get necessary medical attention when you’re ill, or a warm place to sleep when it’s cold outside and vice-versa. We consider these basic necessities, but for so many orphans living in impoverished conditions they are luxuries they hope to attain one day.

Your tax-deductible one-time or recurring gift will help many needy children right here in our local communities in DeLand, DeBary, Deltona and Orange City and other communities around the world. You will be lifting the spirits of our icare kids by giving them a chance at a better life. Their dreams for the simple things in life like clothes, three meals a day, health care and other basic necessities will become a reality when you donate to iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It.

Help give needy children in DeLand, FL the support they need and deserve. Visit our website to learn more and make a donation today!