Donate to Children’s Charities serving Deltona, FL

While there are many deserving children’s charities seeking donations in Deltona, FL, iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It is focused on providing the basic necessities in life like a pair of shoes, a check up at a children’s health clinic and providing three square meals a day to fight child hunger.

It may be difficult for some to believe, but there are more than 16 million children right here in the U.S. who do not get enough food to eat and many are not eating three nutritious meals every day. While many public schools in the U.S. have free breakfast or lunch programs, for many children it is not enough. And younger children who are not yet in school are at an even greater risk.

A well balanced meal is a basic necessity for survival.  Children who do not get enough to eat are at risk for a number of health problems. And to make matters worse, many children are not even getting the basic necessities like clothing and health care. In developing countries like Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras, for example, the situation is dire for many children. Unfortunately, without our help, many children will simply not live to adulthood.

That’s why Dr. Joseph Christiano, N. D. C.N.C. CNHP, a published health and fitness expert and nutritional counselor founded the iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It children’s charity. Through his efforts the charity is already making a difference. Through educational materials, scholarships and other resources, they are providing iCare kids with the necessary support they need to have an opportunity for a productive life.

When you donate to children’s charities in Deltona, FL like iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It you are helping to fight child hunger and supporting a much needed children’s health clinic for underprivileged families residing in Deltona, DeBary, Orange City and other communities around the world.

Will you help us fight child hunger? To donate to children’s charities in Deltona, contact us at (800) 259-2639 today!